Tuesday, October 11, 2011

[learn] too many f's

Week 4 was all about the letter 'F' and Fall has definitely caught up with me.  Sorry for the delay and lack of posts but hopefully all the fall fun won't get the best of me again.  Now back to the Week 4.

We started with the idea of frogs and football but soon realized too many fun things start with the letter 'F'. Enter flowers ...

The girls LOVED their flower head bands.  They sat happily and quietly while we learned about the letter 'f' and read a book about foxes called, My Lucky Day.  We learned that fans, flowers, fish, and footballs start with f and colored some great sheets from education.com.

Next came a fish pond.  A terracotta saucer made our pond, some blue glass beads our water, and some modeling clay became fish and flowers and even a little lily pad.  A clay frog was in the works, but little hands dealt a lot better with the fish. Frogs like football better anyway.  (Thanks to the Dollar Store, three ponds complete with water beads and clay were all under $5.)

The froggy football was a simple sewing project finished at one our dinosaur park visits and made from some extra green felt left over from last Christmas.  You will need two football sized ovals, four half circles and two smaller still white circles for eyes.

Add some green and black embroidery thread and stuffing of your choice and you are ready to get started.  Use the black thread and a satin stitch to make two black circles on each of the white circles which are placed on the two of the green half ovals - no sense in sewing them twice. The black thread also forms a crooked little smile on one of the ovals.  Use an overcast/whip stitch to sew the two green eye pieces together and add a bit of stuffing to make sure the eyes stand up straight.  Next sew the ovals together, with the eyes inserted  a bit to the side, again with a whip stitch.  I did add a straight stitch where the eyes met the ovals.  Stuff the football as full as you can get it and then stitch him close. Time for a game of froggy football!

Week 4 was all finished up!  Now onto Week 5 and the letter 'G'!

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