Monday, September 26, 2011

[live] butterflies and rainbows

We found out our second child would be our second AND third child.  We were told to have the nursery done by 20 weeks because odds were I would be in bed for the second half of the pregnancy.  Planning a nursery for two with three possible combos? So we opted for red and blue, Ikea style, and hoped for the best.  The nursery was done well in anticipation of Week 20 and the ultrasound to see whether there would be khakis or dresses or both in our future.  Two girls, two little girls living in bright red and royal blue.

I was blessed, I worked the Thursday before my water broke Friday morning, albeit three and half weeks early. I brought two beautiful little girls home in pink from head to toe days later.  They didn't care whether their nursery was red and blue but the pink and lavender gradually worked its way in to the decor.  Not many princesses wear the same colors as the Duke Basketball team.

So now almost four years later (and months after the original idea board) it's back to red and blue, but I didn't forget pink this time, or rainbows or butterflies or flowers or anything absolutely girltastic!  I started with a blank slate and some bedding courtesy of JuJu:

Enter 100+ butterflies hand cut from Martha's templates and stapled to the wall with a standard stapler (which I found to be the quickest and most efficient method).  UPDATE:  The butterfly template I used was Martha Stewart's Butterfly Patch Template found here: This gave me three size options and was a much simpler template than some of Martha's others.

Maddie's side on the right just like I carried her:

Kate's on the left not forgetting their piggy banks and rugs from their original nursery:

And some tissue paper flowers to inspire the butterflies:

I'm still working on the closet and some additional artwork to finish the room out.  Then onto Jack's.

Thanks to Rachel at One Pretty Thing for featuring this post!


Anonymous said...

Simply gorgeous. I love the bright colours and my 7 year old daughter loves the butterflies xx

rainbowlory said...


Candy said...

Thanks! My girls personalities seem brighter than all the pastels so I think it works!

Shannon at madiganmade said...

This is gorgeous! I'm in awe of the butterfly wall!

Morgan said...

where did you get the template for the butterflies? my little girls room is done in them and i would love something like this!!

Candy said...

Morgan - thanks for the comment and question. I used Martha Stewart's Butterfly Patch Template. I've updated the post to include the link. I'd love to see a photo your room if you try it!

Morgan said...

okay thanks so much!! i am def going to do it!! i will post a picture when i am finished! hopefully i can con my husband into helping me cut them out one by one. i am so excited to di this