Sunday, March 27, 2011

[celebrate] meet the animals

After quite a bit of deliberation, we chose the Catawba Science Center for Jack's birthday party this year.  We are huge fans of the Science Center as it is and this party just made us love it even more.  We opted for the larger special events room in the new Aquarium and Planetarium addition.  We weren't sure how many people we would end up with so this room, although a bit more expensive, had room to spare if we needed it.

The theme Jack chose was "Meet the Animals". Jonathan was our presenter.   He was great with the kids and super helpful.  First were activities.  There were three stations, animals tracks with cool stamps,
masks that the kids could decorate,and a giant map showing where animals came from.

And then Jonathan introduced the animals: a blue tongued skink

a rose-haired tarantula, hissing cockroaches from Madagascar and a very cool corn snake.

We learned all about all four animals including that insects had 4 or 6 legs which meant spiders were not insects, they were arachnids.  And a whole bunch of other cool stuff.  We all got to touch the animals  and Jack even got to hold the corn snake.

The next thing we knew it was cake and present time.  And if that wasn't enough, the party came with free admission to the Science Center for all of the guests. It just so happened right after we finished up the presents that they were feeding the sharks and rays in the aquarium so the kids got the see that, too! (This was definitely a benefit of having the party in the special events room which is located in the new addition - the smaller birthday rooms are in another building separate from the Aquarium.)

I'm sure there are lots of awesome places to have birthday parties, but the Science Center has got to be one of the best.

[celebrate] party time

And then there was the party.  The Catawba Science Center is awesome.  I mean we loved it before the party, but now I'm afraid any other party location may be a let down.  More on that later.  Now for the decorations.
The cake was inspired by One Charming Party and their dinosaur party.  I just subbed the dino for a snake which wrapped around the cake.  The cupcakes had either frogs or lizards on them and the kids loved it!
The menu was super simple and it really worked.  The treat bags rounded out the table with some little creatures hiding here and there including a snake or two in the cheese puffs.
Then came the animals ...

[celebrate] the boy's happy birthday...

"It was the best birthday I've had in my whole life" says my six year old.  I think we did okay.  Thanks to the grandparents and all the friends and family, my baby boy's birthday was definitely a success.  But let's start with the washing of the reptiles ...

I wasn't going to put them on the cupcakes straight out of the bag.  So they all visited the spa. 
After getting all dried off, they were on to their next destination.
Aren't the die cut lizards precious?  A nice lady from Canada hooked me up with those. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

[make] tackle box transformation

My tackle box and rod that I so lovingly received from JuJu for Christmas didn't exactly match.  Enter Mod Podge ...

First, I made sure the tackle box was clean.  Next I started using the girls' paint brush to apply the Mod Podge as I pressed the fabric down.  Sorry, I didn't really take photos of the progress because basically I brushed, pressed and pressed some more.  I did cut out for the handle and to remove some of the extra fabric at the corners.  Finally I added some ribbon trim around the base of the fabric to give a more finished edge.  Another two coats of Mod Podge in between drying and this is what I ended up with:

Yes! It coordinates perfectly with my pink rod and I don't think anyone has another quite like it.  Did I mention it matched my boots?

My lures and bobbers coordinate with the outside, too.  Just in case you are wondering.  My wonderful husband goes on record saying that "just because you can decoupage something, doesn't mean you should".  I say decoupage away.  

Thursday, March 10, 2011

[celebrate] belated birthday fun

If this party happens, it will mostly likely happen at the lake.  For some reason I seem to be obsessed with the idea of using jars down there.  But do I really want to use that much glass?  I don't think I can live with plastic and I definitely don't want to take my stoneware down there.   So yes, I think glass.  That may get it's very own post in fact.

I digress, back to the party and some decor ideas ....

[celebrate] belated birthday fun

Thanks to a wonderful suggestion by Sadie, I'm planning a belated birthday party for myself.  The planning is more fun than the having for me so even if it doesn't happen, that's okay.  Here are some menu ideas for the savory items ...

Images and Recipes: fish tacos, mango salsa, parisan steak sandwiches, mango lemonade, lemon pasta salad, chive cupcakes; peach salsa, marinated summer veggies

And for the most important part ... the sweets:

Images and Recipes: ice cream sandwiches, lemon ice, ruffle cake, jello strawberries, mini pies, lemon cake, coconut cake, lemon raspberry cupcakes, pink popcorn

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

[live] camp olioboards

Sadie found Olioboards which is pretty durn cool.  Since I'm rocking the blog posts today, I figured I might as well post my boards too.  These are for CAMP Pawpawtowus - our lake "house" this summer.  Okay, so the house is a camper and an old one at that, but hopefully it will be ours soon and I can start disguising the 1996 with some 2011.

Some color inspiration above and ideas for the out of doors ...

 And to the inside for the living area ...

I love the fish prints and camp sign from Etsy.  I'll have to deal with a built in sofa but a slip cover should help. Then in the kitchen area ...

And finally the bedroom, which is actually a separate room ...

All images were pulled from Olioboard and comprised within that platform.

[play] wee chicks

These little guys have opened up a hand-sewing revolution for me.  I've figured out I can do it in the car-rider line; a parking lot; or just outside while I watch the kids play. Katie calls these little guys the 'Wee Chicks'.  They love putting them in and out of the baskets and most definitely switching their little egg 'blankets' around.  Mom ordered a dozen, six girls and six boys of course.

I actually made them for Easter presents but I've given most of the away.  Maybe some colored ones will find their way into the Easter baskets.  That's what I get for trying to be prepared early!

[play] schooling fish

I think felt fishs may be my favorite.  Not nearly as slimy or wriggly.

On Persistence ...

A little inspiration for today ...

source: youtube