Thursday, October 20, 2011

[make] metal = art

More often than not I see something I like and say, oh I can make that.  This is something I can't make. It's metal and it's art and it's completely out of my league.  In keeping with my latest pumpkin obsession, check out these 3D wonders ...

Oh, and they have a hole in the bottom to put a candle or lights in, too. But my favorites are the pumpkins.  This one has a rusted finished and it's 20" in diameter!

Angelia and Scott Sills from Mud Pro Metal Works form these awesome creations out of metal. The couple don't just do pumpkins but since it's Fall and all, let's ask Angelia some questions.

How did you start doing metal work?
Scott bought a plasma cutter for industrial parts and it came with a video on how to use [it] and other applications.  Other applications showed art work, so then my wheels started turning and I got excited about all the stuff we could make.

What's with the name?
Mud comes from his [Scott's] nickname.  Everyone used to call him Muddy1 when he was big time into 4-wheeling.  The more mud you used to could find the better.  He first started building bumpers for off road vehicles and called his business Mud Pro.  Now since we have several metal items for vehicles and the art side it turned into Mudpro Metalworks.

What inspires your designs?
Everyday life inspires our designs. I see a piece of jewelry or a sign, maybe artwork that I can incorporate into our metalwork.  I usually draw all of our designs on the computer and he [Scott] cuts and welds.

And your 3D art?
Scott was messing one day after cutting some stuff and the scrap left over from the sheet metal had some interesting looking pieces.  So he starts messing around building and welding together this scrap stuff and ends up with an alligator (right).  He says I guess you really can make something out of nothing.  What looked like nothing but scrap became his 3D art forms.  

All of Scott and Angelia's pieces are custom designed and made to order.  Orders take from 7 to 10 days and there is still time to order your Jack-O-Lantern before Halloween and add that pumpkin to your front porch for the rest of fall.  Check out their Etsy shop, Mudpro Metalworks for all of the incredible designs. 

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I do a lot of custom metal art. I really enjoyed your article. Thanks for sharing!