Saturday, August 6, 2011

[make] starry centerpieces

So what do you do for a centerpiece that doesn't include cutting a huge guitar out of cardboard when your theme is "future rocker"?  The guitar wasn't going to cut it (figuratively and literally), so I hung my hopes on the "star" part of rock star.

The key is LOTS of paper stars.  It takes more than you think so get to printing and cutting.  I used Martha's star templates.  Pulled them in and changed the background colors to match my theme. Printed.  Cut.  Cut some more.  Printed some more and then cut again!

For the centerpieces, I sandwiched a skewer between two (or four in some cases) stars until I had about 50 skewers.  I divided them between four Ikea white vases.  Then set the vases on records with simple round labels over the existing titles.

The banners over the doors and windows were quick too.  Some grosgrain ribbon, records and stars were all there was to it.  The day of the shower I took extra stars and my glue gun and covered my push pins once I got them hung.  The same thing for the little gathering of records over the gift table.  I just hung the records from ribbon, put the end of the ribbon in the wall with the push pins and then covered my pins with stars and more stars.

The cost?  The records we got for $17 for almost 30. (Note: The titles were all messed up and even if I had a record player I wouldn't have been listening to those things, so don't think I damaged priceless musical history.)  The skewers were $1 for 100 along with $10 worth of white grosgrain courtesy of the Dollar Store. I had the vases thanks to Sadie and the table cloths thanks to my insane love of all things fabric. Even figuring the card stock, round labels and printing I would guess I had less than $40 in all of the decorations. Not too shabby.

Thanks to Rachel at One Pretty Thing for featuring this post!

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