Friday, July 25, 2008


Travel has been having a hard time lately. He's tired.

It all started on April 4th. I went missing for three days and then came home with two screaming little wigglers. Then I decided to stay HOME for eight weeks with said wigglers for three weeks completely disrupting his sleep patterns. Sleep patterns which consisted of sleeping 9 hours during the day on the couch followed by 9 hours later on the bed. So okay, he hears that I going back to work - finally some relief. I mean it's hard work looking out after me, Stephen, Jack and now the two new additions plus his yard, and all the neighbors' yards! He needed his rest for goodness sake. So then I go back to work, but much to Traveler's surprise - Mamaw moves into the day shift. Now he has ANOTHER person to look after and Jack and the twins are there too. There is no end in sight.

So now Traveler is spending his days "protecting" the homestead from the front porch, which basically means he's sleeping all day on the cool concrete rather than the couch. It's still not the same and with the new additions, it won't ever be. But he's dealing and as always, he's still Mommy's best baby puppy, all 85 pounds of him.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thinking ...

Kate's been thinking.
She's not getting near enough publicity on Mommy's blog. She is going to need more posts, more photos and definitely more play in the world of e-journaling. Stat.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I have this wonderful friend who makes things. She is the craftiest person I know and can make anything she puts her mind to. Lately, she's put her mind to making my girls especially girly which I'm completely down with! She's made custom onesies, both iron-on and applique (below), and the cutest little bracelets ever (left). It would take me forever to list everything but she has her own blog: showing off her latest. She's the best and you should visit her site as often as possible and buy many things from her.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mommy Rocks

So I've been told I must post about my addiction to rocking out. You see Stephen decided he would like a Wii for Christmas. Easy enough, I liked the games okay but nothing life changing. Then around Father's Day we picked up Guitar Hero. Again, it looked fun but I had three kids to watch over and precious sleep to think about. Eventually I was coerced into trying it out one weekend night after the kiddies were in bed and I've never been the same since. Before I knew it I had played 18 songs. I went through the easy level like Sherman through Georgia.
Now keep in mind, I do not rock - I play, simply and efficiently like I do so many things. I hit almost every note with a mechanical precision based on speed and distance and with no regard to the true spirit of the game. No, I do not have rhythm, I don't even know the songs. But, I can play for hours, hitting upwards of 200 notes in a row and getting 5 stars without ever moving from my perfectly still, knee-locked stance.
So last weekend we rented the new Aerosmith's Guitar Hero and yes - I've decided not only that I must have it - I must conquer it. It seems the twins, especially Maddie (above) prefer Aerosmith to Foghat so isn't that reason enough?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Looking for Fish

Have you ever discovered something in your area that you've never noticed before and don't know how you missed it? My Dad has been coming up to Lake Lookout in Catawba for over a year and driving an hour to do it. Yet we've never been and it's not more than 20 minutes from us! It's a great little lake and as I understand the fishing isn't bad either. As I'm not a big fisherman, I preferred the bank with the girls, enjoying the sites and sounds of the water. Dad took the boys out on the boat and Jack had a wonderful time. Of course, he had a great time playing in the water after lunch, too. All in all in was a great day at a really pretty spot, right in our backyard.