Monday, November 2, 2009


A few more fall decorations ...Fabric, felt and some recycled grocery bags for stuffing. Betz would be proud.

Witches and Vampires

Tutu's, wands and witches' hat embellishments for the Twin Witches.
I think the girls liked them. Bow tie, cummerbund, and cape for Count Jackula. Happy Halloween!

Tags the Giraffe

For Sadie's little man.


A doll for me. Dolls for the girls.Add a little caplet, maybe a hat, a scarf, a little tote bag to put it all in?

Felt Cookies

Some felty cookies.

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Baby Boy ...

We are SOOOO excited about some of our very best friends impending addition. We helped them celebrate over the weekend and can't wait to welcome their little one into our extended family. Congratulations!!!

Outdoor Fun ...

So we've tried camping this year for the first time with the girls. Needless to say, it's a little more challenging than just taking Jack. Not to mention, how do you pack 5 people (including 3 car seats) and a dog in a highlander will all the gear needed to go camping for 3 days? Yeah, it's a bit challenging. But, we made it and had a great time. Jack and girls got used to the "tent house" and we had quite a sweet little setup.
Thanks Mamaw and Papaw for joining us!

Grandfather Mountain Highland Games ...

Bright and early Saturday morning, our clan headed up to visit the clans at the Highland Games on McRae Meadows. Bob had to chop BBQ all day for the Woodlands, but Jack and I got to hang out at the games. As you can see, we had lots more fun hanging out on the rocks and enjoying the beautiful weather on Grandfather Mountain.
Jack was quite the little explorer and even his motorcycle got in on the action. The games were great and we got some great photos of scottish girls dancing and burly men throwing large objects, but mostly I like the ones of my baby boy.
And it's my blog.

dailies: 071009

10 years ago today i married my best friend in a beautiful garden in the county we would make our home. it's been a wonderful 10 years and i can only hope there are many, many more.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

dailies: 070709

jack and i had some major discussions about bad guys and traps on the way back from mamaw's and papaw's. apparently he had a trap up in new york city that is for bad guys. it's a box and it's 1000 feet tall and there is a tiny hole that you can peak in and see the bad guys. the tiny tiny hole is also used for the amy to take pictures.

dailies: 070409

happy independence day! camping was a smashing success although jack says canoes are much too wobbly. now it's time to sit back and listen to the fireworks. the man in the moon seems to be enjoying the show.

dailies: 070109

we are planning on a camping trip to price with jay, Jjylynn (leeann) and wake tomorrow. tent camping with a 4 year old and twin 15 month olds .... and the dog. we will let you know how it goes.

dailies: 062609

we finally made it up to boone to visit this evening. jack got reacquainted with uncle butch and gina and uncle jim. uncle jim told him all about vikings. now jack says "vikings are my people".

A Father's Day Celebration ...

For Father's Day, Bob wanted a little break so I loaded up the crew and headed to Papaw's. Papaw had the pool up which led to some big fun for Jack and the girls.

Katelyn drank a good bit but her's was of the non-chlorine variety.

Maddie just couldn't make it.

Jack soon tired of the pool and headed to what he always ends up - the camoflauge. Happy Father's Day!

dailies: 062409

jack was walking down the hall and exclaimed, while in his action stance, "i'm going to karate you [crashtest] dummie" to which his father and I heard "i'm going to karate you tubby". yeah - we are sticking with the second.

Baseball and Summer Time ...

To celebrate JuJu's birthday, we went to the Crawdad's to catch a baseball game. Jack and his teeball team got to walk onto the field and then we enjoyed hotdogs and the heat. It seems that summer time is finally upon us but we still managed a breeze. The Crawdad's even won!

The Basingers Get-Together ...

To celebrate Mom's 60th Birthday we had her a little party. BBQ, baked beans, coleslaw and sweet tea of course. To top it off, a couple of pound cakes for dessert. The girls had a great time and it was nice to catch up with the Basinger side of the family!

dailies: 061309

we survived the party. to celebrate mom's birthday, we invited the family over. i hope a good time was had by all and now we can sit down for a minute.

dailies: 060909

today is mom's 60th birthday. she took the day off. now bob refers to her as dr. king.

dailies: 060609

tee ball game today and i think jack actually kind of digs it. if only parents at all levels were as positive as they are at this one.

Monday, June 1, 2009

dailies: 060109

the kudzu war continues.

dailies: 053109

it's amazing the difference between local, fresh produce and the stuff that ends up on the grocery store shelves. fresh tomatoe and cucumber salad and baby new potatoes. we still have the zucchini and corn to look forward too. ahhhh.....summer time.

Our Little Grasshopper ...

How cute is he??
Oh, but this is just a scrimmage. Game 1 is next Saturday. Let the photos begin.

dailies: 053009

i don't know that there is anything that can remind you of your age as much as a child whose diapers you used to change graduating from high school. congratulations amanda.

dailies: 052909

jack has a dog named helpie. he's not very helpful. he's black and looks like roanie.

Strawberries ...

A trip to Ira Cline Farm in Conover resulted in a lot more than just some beautiful (and delicious) strawberries.
Jack put himself in charge of the basket and was led us all in prime strawberry picking.
Katelyn was a little concerned with getting dirty but a lot more curious as to what those red things were.
Madden decided to head for some strawberries of her very own.
We were supposed to stay on the same row but apparently the kiddies figured a row a piece.
Luckily we all escaped without belly-aches although Maddie tried really hard. If are on County Home Road in Conover, take the turn and head out for some of the best strawberries you will ever taste.

dailies: 052809

tubes be out. tubes be out. tubes be out.

dailies: 052709

mommy time: sit down lunch with another adult, pedicure thanks to a wonderful boss, shopping for something you really don't need, an art show with a neice that grew up really fast.

dailies: 052309

another day in toddler paradise.

Friday, May 22, 2009

dailies: 052209

apparently mosquitos won't bite you if you are riding a bike.

dailies: 052109

success! jack likes tee-ball! he had a great time today and coach daddy did an outstanding job. of course i think i've agreed to buy jack an 18-wheeler.

dailies: 052009

the second week of dried beans. today it was navy beans in white bean chili .... yum.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

dailies: 051909

jack says "i eat them" whenever you talk about animals now. if he doesn't answer with the "i eat them" phrase he opts for "they sound yummy". it's hilarious. i'm guessing he isn't going to be a vegan.

dailies: 051809

jack has an entire pretend world in the woods behind our house. he has a church, a garage, moster trucks and all kinds of "mo-bills". it's become quite elaborate. i hope he doesn't move out there. that might be hard to explain.

dailies: 051709

a rainy sunday = a sleepy sunday

Saturday, May 16, 2009

An Evening in May ...

How can you beat a beautiful May evening in a backyard with fresh cut grass? Ride the lawnmower with Daddy. Or ...

Play dippy-do. What a pretty smile my little Maddie has. Or ...
Have a little tractor time with Jackson. I think we may need a bigger trailer.


Here she comes ... and there's another just like her!
Take cover!
They are attacking the parking garage!

dailies: 051609

jack says: "i'm so embarrassed. i'm going to have to drive my tractor to church." we don't know where he picked up the "i'm so embarrassed" and we're not sure where his tractor is either.

dailies: 051509

father and son photos were a smashing success and morganton too. ever tried raspberry vanilla cream fudge? you should.

dailies: 051409

tee ball - jack's first try wasn't a complete success but he managed to run the bases and hit the ball. coach daddy did a fantastic job.

dailies: 051309

success! homemade pinto beans flavored with salt pork cooked in a dutch oven, hot cornbread and chow chow from a great aunt. i'm thinking that's pretty southern and as vegetarian as we are going to get.

dailies: 051209

so i'm trying dried beans for the first time - let's see what a good soaking gets me.

dailies: 051109

kate still refuses to walk. i think she can do it. she stands by herself when no one is looking. faker.

dailies: 050909

happy mothers day ... thank you mom

Friday, May 8, 2009

A photo of Jack ...

Sometime before the girls made their appearance, Jack decided he didn't want his picture taken anymore. I think he changed his mind, at least for one afternoon.

dailies: 050809

jack was playing with "coach" today. whether or not he's naturally athletic remains to be seen, but he sure loves to play ball. he also says he knows lots about lots of things.

dailies: 050709

maddie said momma .... what lovely timing.

dailies: 050609

i realized that i take for granted how nice it is to sit in barnes and noble and read craft books without wondering watch my kids are destroying. i found lots of books that i loved and need to check out a couple of sites. a few bhg decorating magazines along with paper crafts later, and back home to the fam.

dailies: 050509

cinco de mayo = taco night

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

dailies: 050409

kate is talking about bobby a lot. we don't know who bobby is. apparently he must be a chef because while she was "cooking" last night they seemed to be having quite a conversation.

dailies: 050309

to asheboro we go. it was a perfect day to visit the zoo and now we know that jack has no fear whatsoever of geese.

dailies: 050209

its a beautiful day to stay inside and re-install a server. at least this evening i'll get to enjoy some quality basement time.

dailies: 050109

i can't believe that it's the first of may. the kids are growing so fast and the girls are starting to have such wonderful little personalities. they are blooming just like all the flowers.

Friday, May 1, 2009

dailies: 043009

jack can't play in the tall grass. tall grass is bad. tall grass has itchy bugs, biting spiders, mean mosquitos and lots of sunburn. lots of sunburn.

dailies: 042909

get ready for the shoting - jack was ready for dr. coffee to do the shoting of the sisters. the sisters weren't as excited and didn't care for it at all. 6 shots / 2 babies = 2 x constant screams

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

dailies: 042809

jack is a backhoe expert. he can drive dump trucks but needs his grandpa to help him with the graders and excavators. jack says backhoes are not as big as you think.

dailies: 042709

i played soccer against jack - jack won.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

dailies: 042409

jack says he has been all around the world and even to the movies one time.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is it really so easy ...

I'm really into little girls jumpers right now. So, Mom bought me a pattern. I have never sewn by a pattern that I didn't make up myself. It says it's easy. I guess we will be testing truth in advertising.

A fishing adventure ...

Saturday we took Jack fishing while JuJu and Nanny watched the girls. Swamp Thing had told Bob about a pond within the South Mountain Wildlife Management Area which turned out to be a wonderful spot to enjoy a beautiful day.
Since I don't care to actually catch a fish, I was perfectly happy sitting in my chair enjoying the view.
Jack decided to "work" on his fishing rod and change up his lure.
And so Swamp Thing wouldn't think it was a total lost. I did manage to grab a photo of a water snake that came by to visit.

dailies: 042209

jack meets me at the door everyday when i come home from work with a giant hug. today he spouted one of his favorite greetings "bonjour maman" with the french accent of course.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

By the door ...

What a wonderful time spring is.

Easter Fun ...

Here are a couple of photos from Easter Sunday.
Daddy and Kate hunt for the eggs.

Jack checks out his winnings.

Maddie ends the day checking out the mulch in the play yard.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Two are One ...

A tea party for my little girls.

Happy First Birthday!

The First of Many...

Hopefully this is the first of many athletic events in our little man's life. With Daddy being a coach and Mommy being a bit competitive, we parents have no qualms about spending Saturdays on a field of some sort. Now we get to see if Jack has the same sporting bug.

Thank you ...

Thanks to all the wonderful bloggers. So many offerings everyday to entertain me and my little ones. If only I had enough time to experiment with them all. This one is I definitely want to try. Thanks to LollyChops for designing it and Belladia for posting it on The Crafty Crow.