Sunday, March 15, 2009


Jack got injured in a dump truck accident. It was serious and had to be bandaged immediately.
Okay, so it was a pretty good strawberry but he survived to work on his "contraption".

Start Them Early

Caught red-handed. Aunty Amy ( would be so proud.

Robot Fun

We are preparing for Jack's Robot Birthday Party this coming Saturday and got crafty. Time for clay robot favors.
I first saw the idea on etsy so thanks tofunutloaf ( for the inspiration. Mine weren't as creative as Jack's.
I can't imagine having more fun out of polymer clay scraps and random hardware. Now I have to figure out which ones I can actually part with.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Etsy Find of the Day

I'm a bit addicted to Etsy. I will admit it. I find something everyday that I want to buy or make or just sit and admire. And since I'm admitting things, its more than one thing a day usually. Today's find is this awesome zombie sock puppet.

Too clever and Jack thinks its cool. Let's hope he doesn't understand the red glitter yet.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Love Birds

I realize that Valentines Day has come and gone, but how cute are these little things? mollychicken is one of my favorite blogs to follow and her sweet little birds are too sweet. They are next on my craft to-do-list for Easter of course. You can find her tutorial here:
Thanks for the great inspiration!

A different direction ...

So I've been thinking about the blogs that I really enjoy, and I do really enjoy them. And then I look at my blog and realize that it needs a little more. I love my family and my kids are extremely adorable, but I think I'd like a post or two that doesn't involve the little buggers. This means things are going to change - at least a little.