Friday, January 10, 2014

[make] fun with felt

I was asked to help with some activity bags at our church.  Instead of going with straight up painted canvas, I opted for something I could have little more fun with.  I started with small tote bags in bright colors from Hobby Lobby.

Since the bags are to help keep little ones occupied during services when we don't have Children's Church, I thought the size would be prefect for preschoolers.  They were all beautiful colors, but why not add a little something to make them unique?

This was my first attempt and Jack claimed it immediately.

Then, after the mushrooms I realized I may prefer the simpler styles.  I love working with felt and I may have gotten a bit carried away ...

I added coloring books, crayons, stickers and stencils to complete a dozen 'Little Saints Sermon Kits'.  The twins wanted a version of their very own of course.

How precious are the little lambs?  I added a few extra details so they would have dimension like Jack's aquarium bag.  As a happy coincidence, these little bags are the perfect size for carrying their bibles in addition to a few 'tools' to keep little ones nice a quiet during a sermon.

Which design is your favorite?