Wednesday, September 29, 2010

[play] time for breakfast

Okay, so it's felt but it's so cute!  The egg may be my favorite. 
Jack decided lunch was necessary as well.  Bologna, he loves it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

[make] enter orange

I'm thinking it's officially fall.  Labor Day has come and gone, football has started (woo hoo) and the temperatures are down in the 50's at night.  So, it's time for orange.  Lot's of it.  Pumpkins are orange.

These are so super easy to make and unfortunately I can't remember the source of this inspiration, so my apologies.  All you need is fabric(s) of your choice, some felt, and some plastic grocery bags.  I used some coordinating fat quarters that I picked up.  Cut a circle(s), about twice the size you want your pumpkin.  For the ones above I cut out concentric circles about 1" to 2" larger than my beginning pumpkin which was about 8" in diameter.  Sew a running stitch around the edge of the circle and begin to pull tight just like you are making a really large yo-yo.  Before you gather the stitch completely, stuff your pumpkin with plastic grocery bags until it's as full as you like.  Have a good bit on hand, it takes more than you think.  Close the stitch and tie off as tightly as you can.  Cut some leaves out of felt and a long rectangle of felt to roll for the stem.  I used to hot glue to attach the leaves and then stem, but you can certainly sew them on if you prefer.  I cut some small slits at the bottom of the stem to "fan" out and cover my gathers.   

Now you are ready to add a little orange to your life.  Just remind your kids, if they are like mine, they are not balls to be thrown about.  But if they do throw them, these little beauties will take it.