Monday, June 1, 2009

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the kudzu war continues.

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it's amazing the difference between local, fresh produce and the stuff that ends up on the grocery store shelves. fresh tomatoe and cucumber salad and baby new potatoes. we still have the zucchini and corn to look forward too. ahhhh.....summer time.

Our Little Grasshopper ...

How cute is he??
Oh, but this is just a scrimmage. Game 1 is next Saturday. Let the photos begin.

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i don't know that there is anything that can remind you of your age as much as a child whose diapers you used to change graduating from high school. congratulations amanda.

dailies: 052909

jack has a dog named helpie. he's not very helpful. he's black and looks like roanie.

Strawberries ...

A trip to Ira Cline Farm in Conover resulted in a lot more than just some beautiful (and delicious) strawberries.
Jack put himself in charge of the basket and was led us all in prime strawberry picking.
Katelyn was a little concerned with getting dirty but a lot more curious as to what those red things were.
Madden decided to head for some strawberries of her very own.
We were supposed to stay on the same row but apparently the kiddies figured a row a piece.
Luckily we all escaped without belly-aches although Maddie tried really hard. If are on County Home Road in Conover, take the turn and head out for some of the best strawberries you will ever taste.

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tubes be out. tubes be out. tubes be out.

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mommy time: sit down lunch with another adult, pedicure thanks to a wonderful boss, shopping for something you really don't need, an art show with a neice that grew up really fast.

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another day in toddler paradise.