Tuesday, April 28, 2009

dailies: 042809

jack is a backhoe expert. he can drive dump trucks but needs his grandpa to help him with the graders and excavators. jack says backhoes are not as big as you think.

dailies: 042709

i played soccer against jack - jack won.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

dailies: 042409

jack says he has been all around the world and even to the movies one time.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is it really so easy ...

I'm really into little girls jumpers right now. So, Mom bought me a pattern. I have never sewn by a pattern that I didn't make up myself. It says it's easy. I guess we will be testing truth in advertising.

A fishing adventure ...

Saturday we took Jack fishing while JuJu and Nanny watched the girls. Swamp Thing had told Bob about a pond within the South Mountain Wildlife Management Area which turned out to be a wonderful spot to enjoy a beautiful day.
Since I don't care to actually catch a fish, I was perfectly happy sitting in my chair enjoying the view.
Jack decided to "work" on his fishing rod and change up his lure.
And so Swamp Thing wouldn't think it was a total lost. I did manage to grab a photo of a water snake that came by to visit.

dailies: 042209

jack meets me at the door everyday when i come home from work with a giant hug. today he spouted one of his favorite greetings "bonjour maman" with the french accent of course.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

By the door ...

What a wonderful time spring is.

Easter Fun ...

Here are a couple of photos from Easter Sunday.
Daddy and Kate hunt for the eggs.

Jack checks out his winnings.

Maddie ends the day checking out the mulch in the play yard.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Two are One ...

A tea party for my little girls.

Happy First Birthday!

The First of Many...

Hopefully this is the first of many athletic events in our little man's life. With Daddy being a coach and Mommy being a bit competitive, we parents have no qualms about spending Saturdays on a field of some sort. Now we get to see if Jack has the same sporting bug.

Thank you ...

Thanks to all the wonderful bloggers. So many offerings everyday to entertain me and my little ones. If only I had enough time to experiment with them all. This one is I definitely want to try. Thanks to LollyChops for designing it and Belladia for posting it on The Crafty Crow.

CAUTION - Nudity ....

So I just had to post this. It's from the girls very first tub bath and look how much fun they are having!

A new book for me ...

I've decided that my husband needs to buy me this book for Easter.


Do you even know how many capri suns my Jack drinks? I can only imagine if the girls get hooked!