Tuesday, November 22, 2011

[learn] ice cream and igloos

We fit it in, almost two weeks late - but here is what we learned about the letter I, which actually ended up standing for icing more than I think anything else.  

Since we've had a busy couple of weeks we stuck to crafts and snacks this time around.  We started with an igloo.  A very special igloo made of icing and tasty marshmallows.

Inspired by this igloo, we opted to start with a bowl covered with a simple icing made of some water and powdered sugar.  Coat the bowl, put the bowl on a plate and start with your oreo 'door'.  

Then came the marshmallows - easy peasy, stack them up (the ones you don't eat of course). For our bowl size and stacking, we used a bag and a half of the standard sized marshmallows so buy that extra bag just in case!

Then some polar bears to hang out at the igloo.  I had pinned these little bears made of foam and sold at Platypus Crafts.  The pattern seem simple enough although mine weren't quite as polished.  I cut out heads (with pink marker ears), black noses, scarves and the front and back halves of the body.  Then I long strip of paper to fold accordion style to attach the two body halves.  After using a marker to make eyes and a little mouth, we got to gluing them together.  

We did figure out one very important fact - if you want them to stand up, run your accordion folded paper sideways.  

For our follow up snack - ice cream sandwiches rolled in sprinkles.  Because why wouldn't you roll them in sprinkles?  

Now for what else we learned besides the fact that ice cream and igloo start with the letter I?  When you include a 6 year old boy, he will question why we are making polar bears which do not start with the letter I and those polar bears will not live in the igloo.  They will be on top waiting for the Eskimos to come out of said igloo, also known as polar bear snacks. 

And then this happened because again, why not?  

Another successful and fun TwinBop, regardless of the fact that they are no longer weekly and we've gained a member and non-twin in the 6 year old.  Now for the Letter J and hopefully sometime this month!  Keep an eye on the TwinBop board for the upcoming ideas.  Any suggestions or ideas for J?  Leave me a comment!  

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