Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[celebrate] murrays mill harvest folk festival

The annual Harvest Folk Festival is held the last Saturday and Sunday of September every year.  It's one of the festivals we build our fall calendar around.  You park in a field, pay $5 per adult at the gate and get to step back in time for a bit on the site that holds the 1913 Murray's Mill.

Located on Balls Creek, it's a great site which comes alive during the Festival.   Sugar cane is milled and cooked down into molasses. Homemade butter churns next to the hominy cooked in a dutch over a fire. Bees are on display with beekeepers working them in a giant enclosure.  Apples are pressed for fresh cider.    The blacksmiths are busy while  kids get to hand dip candles.  That doesn't figure in all the antique tractors, cars, crafts and food vendor after food vendor.  There are horses and buggies and civil war re-enactors.  Add to that a whole list of musical acts singing gospel and bluegrass outside the old mill.  The list goes on and on.

As for our family highlights, the girls broke in the hay maze and loved running through the fields.

We saw a capybara up close and personal and Jack and I decided we want one for a pet, which is just a bad idea.  We did opt to eliminate the camel from our one day farm, it does in fact spit.

The girls checked out a very lazy cow.

Jack got to work at the boy scouts tent and help kids build wooden tool boxes, stools and birdhouses while the girls rode ponies for the first time.

There was a ranger who had a HUGE Smokey the Bear inflatable and gave the twins a very pink frisbee ring.  We ate fried fish and cheeseburgers made by a local church with a funnel cake for dessert.  All in all, it made for a great Saturday.

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