Tuesday, February 14, 2012

[make] love bugs

Lauren at Goody-Goody designed this adorable Bitty Bug Pincushion and shared it so I had to try a few.

I love the idea of using all circles and folding them to get the wings and head. It's also a great way to use up some of my extra fabric from my recent heart production.  My bitty bugs didn't come out as perfect as Lauren's and I chose to go antenna-less and use brads for eyes.

They are still very cute and will make perfect little love bugs to give to my little ones today.  Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family too!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

[make] flowers pinned

I should avoid Michael's clearance section.  I know this.  But I didn't and found these felt and fabric flowers intended for scrapbooking.  At less than $2 for the 2-pack, I couldn't resist.  I don't scrapbook but I was sure I would find a use for them.

Enter hair accessories for the twins.  The orange flowers were perfect and they had built in bling!  I just covered a hair clip with coordinating ribbon and glued them on.  Done.

The grey ones were a little more difficult.  I REALLY liked the grey felt roses so I decided a pin back may be more appropriate.  You see, that way I could wear them too.  Same went for the white roses.  They feel like frosted glass.  The girls wouldn't want those anyway, right?

I worked really hard and deconstructed the trios of black roses.  Okay, I just cut them apart since they were sewn onto tulle and switched them up into two pins and two hair bows. Again, a ribbon covered clip or a circle pin back and hot glue.

A few more little pink roses and yes, just glued them to a covered clip.  So cute.

So, for a $10 investment  and about 30 minutes of my time, I ended up with some unique accessories for the girls and some pretty little pins for me, ummm.... the girls. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

[make] bows come in pairs too

I need two of them.  I'm getting a little better about using coordinating items rather than the exact same thing, but when it comes to hair bows.  I need at least two of them.  I mean what if they want to wear pig tails?  What if they both want to wear pig tails?  Okay, so I need four of them.

Since apparently my car and the twin's room eats hair bows, time to make more.

I like to use grosgrain ribbon, heat seal the cut ends and wire them together tuxedo style.  A little hot glue on the clip finishes them off and makes them durable enough for my ruffians.

Some are layered, some aren't, but all in all it seems to be a good batch.

And just in case you were wondering, there are in fact at least two if not four of each style.  Pig tails after all. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

[learn] jello is fun

We colored jewels, traced the Letter J, and made jellyfish from paper bowls.

Jack ran off with JuJu the Jellyfish before we could get actual photos.  Our results weren't as pretty as Michelle's and we used crayons instead of watercolors.   But what did the kids take away from the Letter J lesson?  Jello is fun.

We used Iowa Girl Eat's idea and made jello shots.  Don't be alarmed, no alcohol was involved in the making of this photo. The little cups are a lot of fun though, the berries add a bit more nutrition, and the lids - oh so nice for storing.