Tuesday, February 22, 2011

[pin] my favorite and my best

Charlie and Lola is one of the all time greatest cartoons.  I always wanted my little ones to love it as much as I do. Maybe the girls will one day?  Lola has her favorite and her best things.  My new favorite ... Pinterest.  I'm absolutely enthralled with it.  You find a photo or link that you want to keep up with and just click your little "pin it" bookmark.  Pinterest adds it to your customizable board and then poof, you have the photo AND the link and it's on your sweet little categorized boards. No more trying to remember where you saved a photo or idea from.  No more searching for an older photo so you can get the correct reference link.  And that's just the beginning....

[celebrate] babies in baltimore

How much fun is it to plan baby showers?  My favorite part is the pre-planning.  Thanks to blogs and entertaining websites and of course, Martha, the ideas are everywhere.  So for my friend up in Baltimore, here a few ideas for a little baby boy.  She asked for two schemes, navy and green and navy and yellow.  Which is your favorite?
 Images: table runner; flowers; coasters; apples; forks; candy bar; limeade; birth announcement; corsage; dots; peanut favor

Images: tulips; pie; pinwheels; tote bags; buttercups; favor; blueberry cups; lanterns; jam; table runner; lemons; monogram

Friday, February 18, 2011

[celebrate] jack's sixth revisited

No festival or county fair for me this year.  We are meeting the animals at the Catawba Science Center this year for the not so little one's big day.  It will be a great time and I love all things science so it's all good.  Here are my latest ideas.  Now to just figure out the party favors...

Images (clockwise): printable; treat bags; dinosaur/lizard cake; vines

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

bookshelves from spiceracks

I love of IKEA.  I tell my kids all the time that you "love" people and you "like" places.  But I love that big blue and yellow building.  So when I saw this here, needless to say my heart did in fact skip a beat.  It's perfect for the girls redo.

twin time

For Christmas, JuJu got the girls a new comforter set after we were graciously given two beautiful twin "big girl" beds.  Since it was Christmas, I just switched out their toddler daybeds and added the new beds and comforter sets. I guess it's time to address the rest of the room since I can't use the holidays as my latest excuse.  So here are a few ideas.

Clockwise: eye candy; madison bedding; chalk board; felt butterfly mobile; bulletin boards