Friday, May 25, 2012

[celebrate] sadie priss soiree

I own invitations for parties that I'm yet to have, just because they are pretty and I've picked party themes based on invites alone. I love invitations. Now my sounding board and source for custom invites, Amy, has gone public - Sadie Priss Soiree.

For years I've sent her my own design projects for critiques and suggestions.  In fact this year, she hooked me up with a super sweet invitation based on my idea for a banner birthday festival for all three of my kiddies.   

Amy has some really cool designs for invitations, party packs and sweet little posters.  Check out her shop, her blog or even her boards on Pinterest.  You might want to be prepared to have a party for no good reason other than you really want to use the invitation.   

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

[live] back to it

You'll have to forgive the time lapse.  It's been spring and honestly, I've been outside with my hands in the dirt instead of on a keyboard.

So what's been going on?  It's been busy.  We've moved our camper to a new campground, converted the kids play yard to a raised bed garden and have been trying to keep up with all the happenings of school, church and scouts.  But mostly, we've been enjoying the beautiful weather.  Unfortunately spring seems to be behind us, so bye bye cool weather (and my lettuce) and hello heat.  Happy Summer!