Sunday, September 25, 2011

[make] rick-rack roses

I learned a new word, sianinha.  Apparently it's the spanish equivalent to our rick-rack, a product I love.  So when I saw this pin and Trocas de Linhas beautiful tutorial on flor de sianinhas I knew I had to try it.  I didn't follow her tutorial to the letter but my flowers turned out beautifully.  

I started with yellow rick-rack in medium (3/4").  For my first flower I went with a total length of 50", doubled and woven together.  Then instead of using a needle and thread I opted for my handy, dandy, hot glue gun.  I glued the ends together and then started rolling the rick-rack into a little ball.  Then I simply hot-glued the end to the bottom of the "flower bud" and covered the bottom with an even layer of hot glue.  While it was still a little tacky but mostly cooled, I pressed the bottom of the flower onto my work table and made sure all the layers of rick-rack were secured together.

This is where the magic happens.  You just run your fingers over the top and the "petals" start folding down.  It really is something.  The next thing I knew I had this really pretty little yellow rose.  I tried it again with a shorter length, which is probably key with these roses to get the right portion.

Not pictured (yet) is a red rose which was made with extra-large rick-rack and if I had had a little more in the way of length would be my favorite.  Now to go out and get more rick-rack.

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