Wednesday, September 14, 2011

[learn] week 3: elephants and eggs

This week the girls learned about the letter E.  I learned that it's harder to locate vintage copies of Horton Hatches the Egg than you think and that brown eggs plus food coloring equals beautiful earth tones, but completely useless colors when trying to recreate a teal bird.  Back to the girls.

We focused on the letter "E" and the hiccup with finding the Horton book ended up being a happy accident.  The girls loved the video and the sausage and broccoli trees, a strawberry egg, and deviled egg sail boats were enjoyed while they watched Horton be carried across the waves to the Circus.

In an effort to reduce the numbers of activities (and therefore the two and half hours our "class" consumed) I made the felt finger puppets ahead of time.  My favorite was the baby elephant bird, but the girls loved them all.  Mayzie sat on her egg and the baby went running over to Horton after she hatched.

Then came coloring!  We had lots of activity sheets and I so love it when the girls mirror one another.  Last but not least, dessert.  We made butterscotch nests with baby elephant bird eggs, but unfortunately they didn't make it through the photo process.

And once again it's onto the next theme.  F is a great letter, full of flowers, fruit, fish, frogs, football and FALL.  Check out my pin board and look for Week 4's posts.


Amy said...

I learned that I like that the girls' outfits, as well as the plates match the color scheme of the lesson plan.

Anonymous said...

I have had years of experience dyeing brown eggs. The trick is to leave the egg in the dye for much, much longer than you could possibly imagine. You can get brilliant teal, pink, whatever colour you want eggs; you just have to leave it in there forever . . . (Well, not quite forever, but for much longer than with white eggs)

Candy said...

Thanks for the tip! I would definitely like to try them again and I'm sure you could get some really neat color combinations.