Thursday, September 8, 2011

[learn] week 2: my little dancing ducks

I really, really tried to cut down my activities.  I did!  But as it turns out, it still takes longer than you think, or at least I think.  Week 2 was a quacking, dancing, singing, learning success.  We started out with wardrobe - tutus are a must if you are going to be dancing.  The tutus were turned out in less than 15 minutes a piece from cutting to assembly.  Yeah, I will go into that later.  Time to head outside to our "classroom" and story time.

We read Ducks Don't Wear Socks by John Nedwidek.  It's an awesome book and a great read aloud.  Ducks down, now time for D is for Dancing.

Here We Go Looby Loo was okay, but the girls really got going when we played "Something That I Want"  by Grace Potter from the Tangled Soundtrack. Jack was all about some Black Eyed Peas.

Snacks made it easy for everyone to take a seat.  We had duck shaped sandwiches, assembled by the little ones, carrots, celery and ranch, grapes, and goldfish crackers all washed down with pouch juice (aka Capri Suns). Maddie takes her time enjoying her snacks so Kate and Jack got started with our worksheets while they waited and Maddie caught up later.

Next came the paint.  It really wasn't as messy as I had thought it would be.  Maddie was all about just making the "tutu" part with her hand prints. Kate's more into living on the wild side.

Then came a few more worksheets, review of "D is for ..." and working on the concept of more vs. less.  The worksheets worked great as time fillers when one kid finished before the other.

On to another story - this time with props via Picklebums. These are SUPER easy and one of the girls favorite parts.  Just little paper ducks cut out of card stock and glued onto craft sticks.  They loved counting down from five little ducks to no little ducks.

Then they needed the ducks so they could make up their own stories.

Last but not least, dessert and the quote of the day in reference to Fancy Cakes. When asked if the cakes were fancy, Katelyn replied that they were "just fancy enough."  TwinBop Week 2 is in the books and its already time for Week 3!

For more information and complete list of links on the activities and materials we used, message me or leave me a comment.  Check out my pinboard for previews of weekly themes to come!

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