Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yo Gabba

I watch a lot of kids programming - a LOT. In fact, the majority of time that I spend watching television is spent on Toon Disney, PBS or Noogin. There are a few reasons for this. The first and main reason is I have a 3 year old. Secondly, I really feel like I should become familiar with the shows he's watching so I can gauge whether they are appropriate or not. Lastly and as much as I hate to admit it, some are down right entertaining.

One such show is Yo Gabba Gabba ( In the last two months, Jack has switched from picking what show he wants to watch off the DVR menu, to watching the shows that happen to come on a particular channel. Poor kid is watching live TV! As a result, he is widening his range of programs and I have more that I have to pay attention to. When I first saw Yo Gabba Gabba come on, I immediately turned the channel. I mean why in the world would I watch that mess. Of course, after the third day of me changing it, Jack decides he NEEDS to watch Yo Gabba and I, of course, give in and allow it.

You need to understand, if Jack watches it, I watch it and I'm not going to watch something I find annoying. This is why Sponge Bob, Barney and numerous other programs have been banned. Yo Gabba was on a short leash and then I watched it.

It opens with this retro black dude with lens-less glasses and a huge boom box, DJ Lance Rock. There is Bumo, a red, gumby looking character; Foofa, a tear drop flower child; Brobee, a green monster with excessively long arms; Muno, a cat/dragon sort of situation; and, Flex who is a robot. Yeah, I don't know what kind of drugs the creator was taking. So the first day, I'm thinking the show is SO not making the cut. The following day, I'm not so sure. Third show - hooked.

There is this funky music and weird shows-within-shows and its completely whacked out but its SOO entertaining. Jack is glued and I'm starting to be. It's hilarious and actually teaches some pretty good lessons such as not eating food that has fallen on the floor. It evens wraps up everything you've learned in a cool montage, free-style rap sort of deal at the end. We are on week two and LOVE it. I season passed it yesterday.

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