Friday, August 15, 2008

My Baby Bee

Jack likes to pretend. We of course encourage it because one, it is supposed to increase a child's intelligence, and two and most importantly, it is extremely entertaining. As I was changing Kate this morning, Jack woke up, walked into the girls' room and stated simply, "Good Morning. What animal am I today?" This morning Jack is a bee. A baby bee to be exact, who lives in a hive and makes honey for everyone to eat.

You see Jack not only pretends to be an animal, he is very specific. If he is a chicken, as he was yesterday, he is a farm chicken who eats corn. He has been a pontoon cat who lives on a pontoon boat, a jungle mouse who obviously lives deep in the jungle with the jaguars. Sometimes he is a bulldog, sometimes a frog. Sheep, puppies, mice - they are all in his repertoire. Last night, he chose to be a can-backed tortoise who was going everywhere very, very, slowly. No regular turtle for my boy!

The newest development is the people around Jack take on his chosen animal persona as well. It is a bit difficult to explain to a total stranger that Jack is not saying he has a "big mouth" but is calling him a "big mouse". Try that one sometime. Jack decides not only what animal the surrounding people are going to be, but where they live, what they eat and what sounds they should be making. So this morning as I left for work, my Baby-Bee gave his Mommy-Bee a big kiss and told me that he would watch after Katie-Bee, Maddie-Bee and of course, Daddy-Bee. But, he would have to do so while flying around.

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