Friday, November 4, 2011

[celebrate] red wolf farms

Red Wolf Farms is a working family farm located in Maiden, North Carolina which opens once a year to the public in the fall.  It just happens to be sort of across the woods from our house.  So naturally, it's one of our favorite and by far the most convenient fall activities.

The farm has become one of our favorite pumpkin patches and they made lots of improvements this year.  The corn maze was bigger and better.  Not only were there chickens, but you were able to go in the enclosure this year.  And, they added the cutest little calves to the pigs and goats.

Two more giant tubs of grain added to the corn "pools" which my kids LOVED jumping around in.  I will make a suggestion here though, some of that grain is going to come home with you so you may want to double check pockets and socks before you stick their clothes in the washer!

A giant wooden pirate ship was added to the playground along with a neat helicopter and airplane.  Everyone thought the ship was awesome.

Of course we walked down the trail to the creek this year, too.  Oh, did I mention pumpkins?

We got some of those too with a ride up and back on a very nice trailer pulled by the nicest gentlemen.  It's a great place to visit and definitely something to add to your Fall to do list come October.

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