Wednesday, August 4, 2010

[love] camping

It's Blowing Rock and the chance of it raining is always possible.  So we packed up and headed out to the Julian Price Park's Campground with the family.  That sounds so easy, "we packed up and headed out".  It wasn't that easy, in fact it was hard.  But we made it and after a lunch and catching up at The Woodlands, we found the sweetest little spot ever! 

It was a perfect fit for the tent and "kitchen" easy up.  It was fairly level and no neighbors!  It also had these cool little trails back behind it through the rhododendrons that the kids loved.  It wasn't even that far from the bathhouse. 

We got camp set up, a fire started and hot dogs were perfect for supper.  No rain.  We were good to go and even the girls cooperated and went to bed wonderfully in the tent.  The next morning wasn't as promising.  Breakfast was crazy good, but isn't it always when you are outside?  The fire got warmed back up and we decided to wait for the sun to come out.  The sun didn't come out.  The boys went fishing, the girls and I played at the campsite, but the sun never came out.  Then the rain started.  The kids were great, but we knew that it wouldn't be long before the limited amount of dry area wouldn't entertain them any longer.  So we called it.  We packed it all up, in the rain and headed back home. 

In the end, the right decision was made, but it was sad nonetheless.  Price Campground is just one of those places that you always want to stay one more night.  Maybe we can squeeze another trip in before it just gets too cold.