Monday, July 26, 2010

[love] a crafty turned healthy adventure

Big Crafty....  ohhh myyyyyy ....  and in Asheville?  I couldn't resist.  The crafts were almost as amazing as the people who made them and I LOVED meeting the artisans that I've watched (okay, maybe stalked is a better word) on Etsy for so long.  I even recognized some the artists from the Charlotte Etsy Fair I visited last summer.  It was so awesome that it needs it's very own post so onto the kiddos.

The ONE problem with the Big Crafty, 1000 degrees at noon with three VERY sweaty kids right around nap time.  The answer, The Health Adventure, a very cool (both figuratively and literally) "family health and science attraction" located on Pack's Square in Asheville.  The same location as Big Crafty!  Being an avid visitor to the Catawba Science Center in Hickory, how could we just walk past without at least checking it out. 

It's awesome and the staff is so super nice. Even on a day when you couldn't walk outside their doors thanks to all the craftmania.  We let the girls out of the stroller and just let Jack loose.  Kate and Maddie loved the play area.

They had an amazing time in just the first room and after a few minutes of ultra cool ac, I was back off to browse the crafts while Dad watched the kids.

We met back upstairs in the "Wizard of Oz" exhibit.  Jack worked on Tornado Alley while the girls visited some munchkins for tea.

So, if you are ever in Asheville and need a wonderful and educational break, this is the place.  I was just a bit jealous at not getting to explore The Health Adventure the whole time, but I know we will be going back!

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