Monday, January 12, 2009

The Train Museum

Technically speaking I guess it's the NC Transportation Museum in Spencer, North Carolina. According to Jack, it's the Train Museum and we need to go everyday. Every day.

As usual, my loving husband found out about the Santa Train offered at the Museum before Christmas. Jack loves trains and who doesn't love Santa, so off we went. It's such a neat place with or without Santa. Jack loved the train ride although he did state the "a bullet train should be going much faster".
He loved the round house but didn't really want to take a ride, watching seemed to suit him just fine. But most of all he LOVED the gift shop. I mean, what kid wouldn't.

Despite the bitter cold wind of the day, we had a wonderful time and got yet another opportunity to show off the twins. Apparently we need to go to the Train Museum tomorrow. According to Jack anyway.

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Swamp Thing said...

That's awesome! Y'all are like the Mojo song, "When I was a little boy, with a buzz saw haircut, goin' down to Hamlet to see the trains."