Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Faith Restored

Before this past Saturday, I could have taken it or left it - most likely leaving it. But I love my husband and he loves his alma mater so I sucked it up and went. I went to an Appalachian State University football game at ASU.

After the debacle that was the opening game last season at ASU, I had sworn off football in Boone. Mind you, I still saw plenty of ASU games including their National Championship win in Chattanooga but I refused to go to Kidd Brewer Stadium. The Lenoir-Rhyne game was awful. After the win over Michigan AT Michigan, we expected the instant sell-out to be rough but I had no idea. The athletic department was completely unprepared despite the weeks notice of the sellout. The stadium was over-sold. Those who weren't passing out from over-consumption of alcoholic beverages due to the lack of security were passing out from heat exhaustion due to the lack of concessions. I wasn't going back until I had a seat to sit in. No more general admission, no more coaches passes, and no way I was taking Jack.

A group of tickets that were previously spoken for were returned and this past weekend we got the opportunity to get three tickets in the new section of seats on the east side for the home opener against Jacksonville. I agreed, I'd give it another shot and Jack would get to see Kidd Brewer for the first time. Everything that was so wrong on the opening game last year was not only righted but improved over years past. The facilities were amazing - clean, safe and upgraded even while obviously in a construction zone. Security was prevalent everywhere including in the bathroom (a first for me personally). Concession stands were overstocked and readily available. The only over-indulgent student I saw was sitting with a police officer taking a breathalyzer test.

As much as I railed the University last year for the LR disaster, I salute them for making the first game my kid saw on the ASU campus a great one. He didn't like the fireworks but that's not really their fault. My faith was and is restored. Season tickets for next year are a definite possibility.

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