Friday, July 25, 2008


Travel has been having a hard time lately. He's tired.

It all started on April 4th. I went missing for three days and then came home with two screaming little wigglers. Then I decided to stay HOME for eight weeks with said wigglers for three weeks completely disrupting his sleep patterns. Sleep patterns which consisted of sleeping 9 hours during the day on the couch followed by 9 hours later on the bed. So okay, he hears that I going back to work - finally some relief. I mean it's hard work looking out after me, Stephen, Jack and now the two new additions plus his yard, and all the neighbors' yards! He needed his rest for goodness sake. So then I go back to work, but much to Traveler's surprise - Mamaw moves into the day shift. Now he has ANOTHER person to look after and Jack and the twins are there too. There is no end in sight.

So now Traveler is spending his days "protecting" the homestead from the front porch, which basically means he's sleeping all day on the cool concrete rather than the couch. It's still not the same and with the new additions, it won't ever be. But he's dealing and as always, he's still Mommy's best baby puppy, all 85 pounds of him.


Amy Trexler Mantay said...

Roan would like Traveler to know that he does feel his pain. While there are no wigglers at his house, Roan does have to deal with things such as rain, sunlight, inconsistencies in air quality, as well as having to go to work with Kirk from time to time. These are all things that seriously affect his ability to sleep up to 23.5 hours a day. And apparently that is a mandated sleeping requirement by the Roanie Sleep Regulatory Agency known in short as Roan.

Swamp Thing said...

That's the truth! Right now he is depressed, under my desk because he only has air conditioning (set at 62 degrees because this is an office full of dudes and dogs), and two beds to sleep on, and a bowl full of chilled bottled water (because the tap is contaminated).


Candy said...

Poor Roanie. Does he still get fast food for lunch at daddy daycare? Traveler is now struggling with wanting to be outside due to the wigglers yet not being able to take 90+ degree heat. He's not digging summer time.