Monday, June 23, 2008

Auto-matic Memories

Thanks to my brilliant husband, our kids got to experience something most may not - a drive-in movie. Complete with playing in front of the painted tin screen, the blowing of a lot full of horns when dusk fell, and falling asleep to sound of buzzing speakers, the memories flooded back for my husband and I and opened up a new experience for our Jack.

Indian Jones was on the big screen and with the addition of ridiculously large fountain drinks, deliciously bad for you cheese fries and some much needed sugar in the form of blue cotton candy, the night was a huge success. One of the best family bargains I dare you to find, welcome to the Belmont Drive-In Theater,

The weather was perfect and since we got there a little too early perhaps, we were on the front row with a perfect seat for watching all the kids play in front of the screen. With everyone from large families, guys in tank tops, hipster couples, and college kids - the scene was a virtual people-watching extravaganza. The movie wasn't bad either. Maddie managed to sleep through the entire experience although Kate did watch about 15 minutes of Indie besting the bad guys before she drifted back off. Jack played, watched, played some more and almost gave in to sleep. Now, for the next feature and who we will invite to go with us next time!

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